Saturday, November 10, 2007

Surfbaords and Rayguns again.

A variation of the Surfbards and Rayguns cover.

It's a sharper image so you can really focus on her, uh' eyes.



Daniel Campos said...

Really nice work here. Would you mind too much if I linked you on my blog?

BradleyO said...

Not at all Daniel, I'd be honored.
Thanks for the interest.
Actually I really dig your work also, but I don't yet know how to show links.

Daniel Campos said...

Groovy, I'll add your link up! I'm sure there's an easier way to do this but to add links-copy the link from the blog you want to add from your browser bar at the top. Then go to your SETTINGS and choose EDIT LAYOUT I think. There you'll see a template of your blog. Hit EDIT on the righthand side and another window pops up. There you'll find a menu with all these different things you can add to your blog. Choose ADD LINKS and then SAVE. Now you'll have a spot on the template for LINKS. Click EDIT on it and paste the url of the blog you copied in there and type in a name for the blog underneath that and you're done!

Hope that wasn't too confusing and that it helps. By the way do you have a deviantART page? If you do I'm on there at